Mahan Rear Sight

This is an aftermarket sight assembly by David Mahan.
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You will recieve the replacement sight assembly, mounting screw for each frame size handgun, and the hex keys necessary for installation and adjustment. Along with installation instructions. This sight is aluminum and steel construction. Once installed and locked in place this sight will not move.


From David's website:

Quality made in the USA, these sights stay where you set them!


Mahan sights are precision made from a billet of 6061 aluminum stock and black anodized for anti glare and corrosion resistance. They will not shift like the stock plastic Hi-Point sights and are adjustable for windage and elevation. They will fit all four models of Hi-Point pistols (.380, 9mm, .40, and .45).


The design intent is to provide precision pointing as well as rapid target acquisition. These sights are 100% American made on 100% American made machine tools.

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